Amanda Barden is an establishment for bespoke bridal robes and bridal intimates 

Amanda is the number one bridal robe designer in Australia  and has been designing and curating robes since 2013.

Amanda was one of the first bridal robe designers in Australia, and possibly the world. 

“I never new how hard it would be to create a new job description , bridal robe designer, there was definitely a lot of explaining involved, no one understood what I was creating” 

I wanted to ensure each piece was curated to signify exclusivity and luxury,

creating an experience and a journey you will cherish and remember forever.


As a luxury brand in a very niche market, Amanda Barden will take you

on a designers journey, making sure you walk out completely satisfied.


With over 15 years of knowledge and passion, Amanda enjoys creating

exclusive custom bridal robes and intimates, making sure every Bride

 feels special.


Creating custom robes is something all brides can dream of, as we work with every budget and price point.


We are also able to design and make robes via online enquiries, and post them out at your convenience, internationally and locally  


Check out our latest additions of wedding day and honeymoon lingerie, in-store now!