“You are the centerpiece!” Amanda Barden is an establishment for bespoke bridal robes and bridal intimates
An Australian born couture designer fulfilling personalized dreams for finely crafted pieces that can be handed down for generations.  Amanda travels with you throughout the entire process from vision through to the tangible. Edging on neo-Victorian inspiration she parlays hand placed embellishments into technical fabricated dreams.
Her uniqueness comes in the timelessness of her pieces with countless metres of white washed silk, tulle and lace intricately layered to achieve bold silhouettes and sentimental celebration pieces. You will seek places just so you can adorn her mesmerizing designs.
After her second child and 13 years in the fashion industry,  Amanda said goodbye to her much loved production role within the iconic Sass and Bide. Passionate and determined Amanda was ready to fly solo. Working day and night on bespoke hand-beaded christening dresses and delicate Italian laced bridal robes till the early hours on her bedroom floor. This word of mouth seamstress knew she would have to move when she ran out of floor space from orders dropping in by the day.
8 years later, Amanda's boutique dream has come alive and is now enjoying living her designer dream.