For information on our exclusive designs, available for rent, please contact us directly

Aligning with Amanda Barden’s sustainability values, we are finally able to create a safe space for our brides to exclusively rent high-end AB Bridal Robes. 

Wearing a luxury brand can evoke a range of emotions and feelings such as confidence, self expression and exclusivity. Renting our luxury robes helps provide access to items that are labour intensive and expensive to produce without the commitment of a high-end price tag and extensive fabric wastage. 


having a few AB exclusive pieces, allows us to contribute to a Circular economy. This means, we are able to put in our time and effort into a garment that can be - looked after -  reused - and shared respectfully, rather than purchasing and wasting there after its use. 



Renting allows customers to access high ended clothing, without the need to purchase at the luxury price point. 



Amanda Barden robes, are locally made using high quality fabrics . By renting out our exclusive designs, it allows us to reduce fabric wastage , prolong the lifespan or garments, and reduces the need for over labouring and over production. 



Ethical rental businesses, minimise textile waste which reduce the very concerning problem of landfill. This also reduces overall consumption and lessening the environmental impact associated with manufacturing and disposal. 

Ultimately, we hope to assist you for your wedding day. if you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to ask away, and we will do our best to provide as much information and support. Your engagement and enquiry is important to us . 



* slips and undergarments, are not available for rent *

* not all AB robes are available for rent *